Tiger’s Number #1 Ridiculously Strange Reason You’re Missing Out on Selo Olive Oil

“Good olive oil is good. And bad olive oil is bad.” Wise words.

It turns out that most olive oil is not Selo, which means that most olive oil is basically bad. So, want to know why Selo Oils is the best olive oil in the world?

Watch this video by Tiger and see why.

98% of Croatia’s extra virgin olive oil is consumed domestically. There are only 3 Croatian olive oil brands on Amazon, and none of them export to the United States.

This makes Selo Oils the world’s sole exporter of Croatian extra virgin olive oil to North America. If there were other brands, either nobody has ever heard of them or they’ve since gone out of business.

The problem with olive oil from the Balkans is that it’s too expensive to sell in North America. And it’s expensive because it’s 100% pure. They’re frankly too poor there to run a crime syndicate on the scale of the Italian olive oil mafia, so you know what you’re getting is definitely the good stuff (if only because they don’t have the means to rob you blind).

The problem with Croatian olive oil is that even if you buy in bulk, let’s say at a rate of 20,000 liters per year, you’re still purchasing at prices that are higher than what most olive oils retail at the supermarket.

How is that even possible? It is because MOST olive oil is cut with low quality seed oils (many of which have turned out to be rancid!), reducing these companies costs by a factor of 10 compared to real olive oil.

Bottom line, the only way to make a small fortune in the Croatian olive oil business… is with a small fortune to begin with. That, or to join the mafia.

Neither appealed to me. There just had to be another way.

So you see… it turns out we solved a fundamental market problem in this space. That problem was…

“How do you sell olive oil at a price that the olive oil is actually worth?”

One word: Branding.


Selo is pure, authentic, liquid gold, delivered to you by three generations of family who are sick and tired of the all the cheating in this industry.

Selo is Anti-Soy, Anti-Hexane and Anti-GMO.

Selo is the Bane of Industrial Seed Oils and the Italian Olive Oil Mafia.

Selo is THE Cure to America’s Public Health Crisis.

Selo is a horde of throat-punching Babushkas, Thompson sub machine guns in tow, yelling at you to to eat more soup and wear a jacket when you go outside because they’re concerned you might catch a cold.


Selo is a crowd of young teenage boys playing football on dusty, cement-topped igralište where they dream of playing for their National team at the World Cup one day. (Fun fact: my cousin—we have the exact same name—is about to qualify).

Selo is the warmth of family, and the best of health for as long as you live.

This is why we can sell our olive oil for $100 a bottle, and why nobody else can.

This is why my family farm, and soon, suppliers from all over the Balkans will be able to export their real oils at market prices that truly capture the value of their precious liquid gold, and all their hard work.

Soul in the Game.

Thanks for the phenomenal video review Tiger!

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