The Babushka Pill

My Baba doesn’t understand why I’m not married yet. In fact, Babushkas around the world, from Siberia to Florida, are bewildered by how many of their grandsons are still bachelors.

Why are young men and women, they wonder, not getting hitched these days? Why do they delay marriage and family life until they are rotting in their late 30s?

Kad ćeš oženit, u pizdu maternu?

Babushka, it seems, has lost her once-potent grip on normative youth fertility.

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Croatian Selo Snack: Garlic Dill Croatian Flatbread

Last week we played around a little and mixed a bit of everything from the Mediterranean, including bread, cheese and olive oil, into a fusion eggs benedict. This time we’ll go with something a little more authentically Croatian, a Croatian flatbread.

This week’s snack is a simple and extra-flavorful homemade garlic and herb seasoned Croatian flatbread recipe. In Croatia, we call it lepinja. This flatbread is a great appetizer, snack or hors d’oeuvre for a party, and it’s a relatively quick recipe that can be ready in just under 45 minutes

The reason I chose dill for this recipe (it’s called kopar in Croatian) is because of how commonly it is grown in gardens in the old country. I fondly remember picking dill in the summers with my Baba on mornings where she would make fresh flatbread.

Garlic Dill Croatian Flatbread

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Aj Me Meni

“U pičku materinu. Ubio san njega, jel de?”

“Aj me meni, Mirko, sad si najebo.”

“Ma. Da. Spasio san sve. Vidćeš ti, moj Dragane.”

Mirko did not notice the crimson pooling at his feet. But neither an algal bloom on the shores of Pula, nor the Communist uprisings of his distant past would ever compare. The man was dead.

“The blood feasts on the sea when the waters become hot.” Aside from the wailing of old women burning alive, this was all that came to mind.

Nothing could stop him from doing what he had to do. This was his fucking Selo.

Croatian Selo Snack: Mediterranean Eggs Benedict

I’ve been posting Selo Oils-inspired snacks on both my Twitter timeline and here on the blog for the last few months.

Going forward, they’ll be available both here and on our mailing list. Make sure to sign up so you don’t miss out. I’ll send you a free snack idea recipe to go with your olive oil every Friday morning.

This week’s snack I dub, “Mediterranean Eggs Benedict.” Shout to my fiance Penelope for the whole idea.

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