Selo Oils: 2018 Year In Review

This morning I had a chat with Kyle’s friend Eric Horowitz, CEO of LIFT Enrichment. He is a chef based in Los Angeles who spent a lot of time in Italy over the past 10 years. His company partners with 80+ elementary schools to empower kids to improve their health and learn to cook. We talked about the origin of Selo Oils, my time living in Europe, and how I met Kyle, my business partner.

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9 Reasons Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Nature’s Ultimate Superfood

I was born in Canada but my body was crafted in the Balkans, just like my family’s extra virgin olive oil. In fact, several millennia of inter-glacial Big Game hunters precede me. When I discovered that my ancestors drank olive oil daily, then sparred with Mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, I simply stopped questioning why people complement me for my radiant confidence and smooth beige skin. Real oils.

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Olive Oil Busters: Episode 1 — Emma Olive Oil

For the first episode of Olive Oil Busters, I wrote a thread on Twitter documenting Emma’s conflict with the Canada Food Inspection Agency. I talked about what to watch out for as a consumer of extra virgin olive oil in general.

I’ve finally had some time to review that thread, which got quite a bit of engagement. In this first Olive Oil Busters blog post, I’ll review that initial Twitter thread.

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