Welcome to Selonomics

I’ve posted more than once now so I think it is time to introduce what drives my work here, and what will drive it going forward.

What is Selonomics? I rambled toward a tentative answer at this Medium post several months ago. Selo is the East European/Slavic term for village. Economics, from its Ancient Greek is literally the study of household management. As such, Selonomics is the study of village management.

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What Can a Computer Simulation Tell Us About Hypergamy?

In Preliminary Steps Toward a Universal Dynamics of Intersexual Selection, I outline in much detail a very “basic” model of Hypergamy. The model is basic insofar as it results in a simulation that is designed to capture the most salient quality of Hypergamy—inequality in rank-order preferences between men and women on the dating market—with as few explicit assumptions as possible. Note that I do not feel compelled to model actual sexual relationships at this stage, or to allow my agents to grow old, reproduce, and die. I just want to know how they would rank each other in an ideal world.

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