Is it bad if olive oil gets in your eyes?

Nobody talks about forearm strength these days.

Yesterday, I slammed a bottle of olive oil onto the counter and some of it splashed back into my eye. I forgot to put the lid back on…

Not gonna lie. It stung. Selo, of course, is packed with the antioxidant Oleocanthal, which gives its powerful peppery kick.

I knew I’d be okay after a quick scrub, but I thought I’d do some research on how olive oil might improve eye health anyway. I knew that olive oil was great for both hair and skin cell regeneration (among one of my stranger finds is that it helps scars to heal), but every time I do a search I tend to learn something new about olive oil.

This time was no exception. Apparently, olive oil is also the secret to improving eye sight and protecting your eyes from aging.

According to recent research published in the Journal of Food Research International, olive oil accelerates the uptake of lutein, which is a carotenoid involved in preventing damaging blue light from entering the eyes.

I wouldn’t dip your eyes in olive oil, but daily oral olive oil consumption does help prevent age-related macular degeneration, as well as cataract formation.

Thankfully, my vision is not that bad. I actually helped my mom thread a needle yesterday.

But if you’re anything like me and you’re up late on the computer until the dead of night, every night, I can guarantee that you’ll benefit from drinking some real extra virgin olive oil daily.

At least, that’s what I’ve been doing.

1 tablespoon of when I wake up, and one before bed.

As my Baba says,

“Bolje spriječiti nego liječiti.”

“Better to be prepared than medicated.”

So be prepared. Get some Selo Oils today.

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If you LOVE real extra virgin olive oil as much as I do, consider purchasing some of my own hand-picked, first cold pressed, extra virgin liquid gold, direct from my family farm in Croatia.

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