Croatian Selo Snack: Mandarinak (Mandarin Olive Oil Dip)

Mandarinak is a dipping sauce made from mustard and mandarin oranges. While not uncommon in Dalmatia at dinner parties, it is typically served in higher end restaurants. It pairs best with fresh bread and/or seafood.

This one is my mother’s recipe. It’s not a traditional Croatian recipe by any means, but it is composed of indigenous ingredients found in Croatia.

In particular, it is made from mandarin oranges, which many do not know can be found all along the Dalmatian coast lands. My family actually has one tree growing in our front yard which we have eaten from in the summer time for years.


  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • Half a cup of Croatian extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • One mandarin orange, grated, peeled and separated
  • Sea salt


  • Place the Dijon mustard in a bowl
  • Slowly pour the olive oil in while whisking
  • Add honey (and optionally, a pinch of salt)
  • Grate the skin of one whole mandarin orange, add zest
  • Mix well
  • Feel mandarin orange and add slices to dip

This recipe is made with a heaping of Croatian extra virgin olive oil, which gives it a sharp bite. It goes best with a fresh baguette, cut up into slices for dipping. Try serving it at as an appetizer at your next Selo soiree.

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