Selo Oils: 2018 Year In Review

This morning I had a chat with Kyle’s friend Eric Horowitz, CEO of LIFT Enrichment. He is a chef based in Los Angeles who spent a lot of time in Italy over the past 10 years. His company partners with 80+ elementary schools to empower kids to improve their health and learn to cook. We talked about the origin of Selo Oils, my time living in Europe, and how I met Kyle, my business partner.

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9 Reasons Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Nature’s Ultimate Superfood

I was born in Canada but my body was crafted in the Balkans, just like my family’s extra virgin olive oil. In fact, several millennia of inter-glacial Big Game hunters precede me. When I discovered that my ancestors drank olive oil daily, then sparred with Mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, I simply stopped questioning why people complement me for my radiant confidence and smooth beige skin. Real oils.

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Olive Oil Busters: Episode 1 — Emma Olive Oil

For the first episode of Olive Oil Busters, I wrote a thread on Twitter documenting Emma’s conflict with the Canada Food Inspection Agency. I talked about what to watch out for as a consumer of extra virgin olive oil in general.

I’ve finally had some time to review that thread, which got quite a bit of engagement. In this first Olive Oil Busters blog post, I’ll review that initial Twitter thread.

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Groundshark Coffee Review: Brown Belt Blend

The simple, resealable packaging makes life easier — 100% Brazilian coffee from Groundshark Coffee Co. Espresso Roast.

I’m proud to say that I’ve found my new favorite coffee. Several months ago, I purchased my first few packages of Groundshark Coffee. The White Belt Blend was POWERFUL. Those handcrafted whole beans from Brazil made for a bold Medium Roast.

The Brown Belt Blend is a little different. It’s not as strong as the White Belt (now Blue Belt) but it tastes richer, I can drink it all day long (like yerba mate), and it puts me in a really good mood.

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Olive Oil Smoke Point: Safe For Cooking?

Olive oil smoke point makes for a hot topic. The question on everybody’s mind is, “Can I use olive oil for cooking?” Well, it depends on what you mean by olive oil, and sometimes on much how good fat your particular blend contains.

If you are cooking with an olive oil that has a higher ratio of polyunsaturated (high Omega 6 content) to monounsatured fats (low Omega 3 content) then you will miss out on the nutritional and health benefits of a pure, unfiltered extra virgin blend.

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