The Babushka Pill

My Baba doesn’t understand why I’m not married yet.

In fact, Babushkas around the world, from Siberia to Florida, are bewildered by how many of their grandsons are still bachelors.

Why are young men and women, they wonder, not getting hitched these days? Why do they delay marriage and family life until they are rotting in their late 30s?

Kad ćeš oženit, u pizdu maternu?

Babushka, it seems, has lost her once-potent grip on normative youth fertility.

I asked Baba* what she thought was wrong with our generation. “It all starts with shame,” she replied, “and how nowadays men and women do not have any of it.”

If Babushka can no longer regulate by rumor mill, if sticks and kamens no longer totally destroy your self esteem, then what power does Babushka have left to alter the course of human history?

We shall see.

*I use the term Babushka and Baba interchangably throughout this piece, as Babushka is more common among Slavic-speaking peoples than Baba (the word for grandmother in Croatian).

The Red Pill

I’ve always been tangentially aware of “The Red Pill”, of “Alphas and Betas”, “Game” and every other dorky facet of Extremely Online Masculinity™ that the most autistic corners of the internet have to offer.

I understand that these hidden enclaves have allegedly helped millions of men break free of their personal inhibitions, and to lead healthy and fulfilling lives where they would have otherwise remained crazed incel virgins.

I have met many of these men, in Europe, Canada and beyond. I’ve “sarged” with them from time to time. But I never needed their help. I’ve outsleuthed every sloot I’ve ever met in every dingy Bohemian disco I’ve ever blacked out in on my own.

I don’t think “pickup” is inherently wrong so long as you aren’t predatory about it. People do in fact meet other people in bars, or in the park (that’s just life). If you suck at basic introductions, it does help to routinize your approach, especially if you’ve never had much practice talking to people outside the World of Warcraft. Game certainly helps with that.

But as for me, I’ve never needed these resources to come to the same conclusions about sex, business, and life.

Reading The Mystery Method was helpful when I was knocking door-to-door because it was just like my summer sales training manual, except it promised boobies. Instead of telling me how to sell home security systems the book was about pulling girls from nightclubs, so I actually bothered to read it cover from cover.

After I finished reading Mystery and The Game, my customers began upgrading their service packages to Full Home Auto without question.

Just follow this script:

  • Approach from the side (non-threatening)
  • Break preoccupation
  • Build value
  • Create rapport
  • Transition
  • Overcome objections
  • Close the sale…
  • Install the system!

Game and sales are part and parcel of the same Universal Tao.

But those were the only two Red Pill books I’ve ever actually read. In general, Babushka NOT allow me read weird things online.

Either way, I find most of what TRP has to offer to be either extremely obvious, or pedantic to the point of practical uselessness (see: Hypergamy).

There is almost nothing you can actually do about Hypergamy when you learn what that term means other than to make sure you get regular exercise and put your best foot forward.

From truisms about evolutionary psychology that don’t actually help you get laid because they are creepy (and don’t reliably replicate outside of college psychology studies anyway), to truisms about work ethic from Anglicized transmogrifications of classical Roman literature, there really is nothing that The Red Pill or The Manosphere can tell you that you can’t otherwise glean from a challenging summer job selling home heating solutions door-to-door…. or from afternoon with your grandparents drinking rakija in their garden discussing whether Slovenia is even a country (hint: it’s not).

The Red Pill is a placebo. It is no doubt an effective one, precisely because it is a placebo shared by millions of men online. Group motivation is powerful. But, it is a placebo nonetheless. And there are definitely better placebos.

It is my hope that I may introduce you to one such placebo—The Babushka Pill—one that may or may not help you meet good women, but one that also harbors no possibility whatsoever of leading you down dark and demented life paths, whatever your rationale for doing so may be.

Networks & Blame

Philosophically speaking, I am not a Consequentialist. I think we should judge people based on the proximate or immediate, as opposed to distal, consequences of their actions. Pewdiepie, like the eponymous Butterfly of Chaos, may indeed be part of the cause of a given mass shooting, but in English Common Law we tend to try (and perhaps censor) the mass shooter, not the YouTuber.

If we exterminated every African butterfly for every storm they caused 12,000 kilometers away—somewhere in the Caribbean—we would run out of butterflies and start exterminating African warblers. Then Konrad Lorenz would have called it “The Warbler Effect,” and I probably wouldn’t have watched that Ashton Kutcher movie.

Where are we? I am a Free Speech Absolutist. Babushka too. In youth, I learned to watch what I say, not for fear of reprisal from the state, but to avoid šiba. Growing up, I was always free to say whatever I wanted, but I was also aware there was a wooden spoon waiting for me if I slipped up. Punishments should be doled out by Baba, but not the Human Rights Commission.

Image result for šiba croatia
Dođi vamo… Neću ja tebi istuć 😉

I sincerely believe that the government ought not interfere with your life and property for the words that you utter, no matter how much potential harm they may cause down the road. Evil must always be made as visible as it can be, so that people can freely make up their own minds, judge said evil, dispose of it, and then consider the alternatives.

This is not to say that people should be legally obliged to interact with you if they don’t like you. Least of all, to have sex with you. Part of liking or not liking someone, of course, comes down to what they repeatedly say. Don’t expect your girlfriend to stay with you if you are a dolt.

Look! The Five Eyes countries are doomed. I am under no disillusion that INGSOC is alive and well in pretty much every developed nation today. Surveillance efforts in the United Kingdom are particularly troubling, and in many ways, the whole situation is far worse than Orwell could have ever imagined.

Yet, systemic phenomena are not imaginary. Complex systems, especially human social systems, have the potential to exhibit high degrees of behavioral dependence. When systems are over-correlated, they have a tendency to produce fat-tailed outcomes, or not-actually-that-rare-yet-potentially-very-extreme events (Black Swans). Earthquakes, stock market crashes, and mass shootings, for example.

Related image
Preferential attachment (do what your friends do) is one process that can generate scale-free networks that exhibit long tail behavior.

What makes a system over-correlated? Well, what makes a meme go viral? What makes an online hate movement contagious?

What you say certainly affects how other people act. What you watch on YouTube certainly affects the ads that are served to other people in your demographic on Twitter, and so on.

Whether or not we agree that the onus of guilt should fall to the individual for the actions they ultimately choose to take based on the content they are exposed to (whatever their motivations or justifications), people still do abuse their spouses and go on killing rampages because of ideas they’ve internalized from reading shit online. Sometimes, all it takes is one poorly-timed trigger.

So, benign though these movements may be, in and of themselves, certain elements of The Manosphere, The Red Pill, MGTOW, Frog Twitter, and others are clearly and sufficiently, though not necessarily, implicated in the propagation of evil at some level.

The Teletubbies are not. Neither is Franklin, or Little Bear. There is a spectrum, and some things fall closer to one side of the spectrum than the other. Impossible to delineate, surely, yet this does not make it any less true.

Hear me out doe. If it wasn’t this, it would be that. Lunatics are cerebral rationalizers. They will cling to whatever source material alleviates their racist, xenophobic, and/or homophobic cognitive dissonances best.

A morally bad ideology can still be a coherent ideology. This is why people need to be able to read radical texts and manifestos. So they can discount them, and create better alternatives for those who might be influenced by them. Suppressing them only lends them credibility, and make the underground movements that spawned them even more insular and dangerous.

Hate spreads non-linearly online. The solution, however, is not to lock people up if they say misogynistic things, especially since you can’t possibly delineate every conceivable way that a sentence might be perceived as a joke or a thought experiment online. Poe’s Law notwithstanding, punishing people for speech by way of government diktat only amplifies the power that said speech (however vile) wields over time.

Perhaps the solution lies with you. Instead of reading Andrew Tate’s tweets, maybe just go on a walk with your Babushka (or Gammy or Nana). Babushka know many thing and she is nice!

Personally, I’ve always been good with women. And people! And though it goes without saying that a 6’4″, 240 lb. Croatian man with gorgeous, deep set brown eyes has it better than most by virtue of being bred of Ice Age Mammoth Hunter stock, I still credit my success with people in general to the way my Babushka raised me more than I credit anything else.

I’ve known dozens of tall, athletic men with phenomenal jawlines who are nonetheless insecure, awkward and creepy, and yet are bewildered by the fact women aren’t interested in them when they insist on spending all their time in nightclubs running Game.

None of these men had Babushkas. I feel bad, but not really. I tell them they are wrong but they no listen.

Babushka Maxim #1: Bolje spriječiti nego liječiti.
Translation: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

It is important that we punish those who externalize risk onto others, but only insofar as they are not also exposed to the same risks that they propagate.

PewDiePie is an entrepeneur. He may or may not be some kind of portal to extremely far right gamer nationalism, but he did nothing wrong.

A culture which shoves grandparents into nursing homes, and Fortnite down our children’s throats in lieu of traditional folk wisdom is the true culprit.

Fuck Susan Wojcicki.

The Sperg Pill

The Sperg Pill is one level down in resolution from The Red Pill. It’s the attempt at creating a fine-grained version of an inherently coarse-grained (heuristic) mode of thinking. The purpose of sperging out, of course, is to signal some kind of intellectual capacity that nobody will ever notice while similarly self-sabotaging all prospects of ever forming a healthy sexual relationship with another member of the human species.

Unfortunately, you can’t spend much time traversing masculine internet subcultures without being exposed to MGTOW, Anti-Feminism and “Hypergamy”.

I myself wrote a few articles on Hypergamy from the lens of Complexity and network science, primarily because the phenomenon lends itself easily to computational modeling by way of agent-based network simulations (ABMs are a peculiar interest of mine and nobody in the Manosphere had made this particular connection before me).

Secondly, there are clear and obvious parallels between inequality of access to sex in the contemporary first world, the depletion of monogamy as a robust cultural institution in the West, and sociopolitical instability in the wider political economy.

I studied economics, anthropology and psychology at school so I found all of this personally fascinating from an academic point of view. Fortunately, there is so much more to the Real World than theories and simulations.

And bad theories and simulations have bad Real World consequences. Babushka no have theories. Samo… stvari i priče (heirlooms and stories).

Little if nothing of the field of psychology, for instance, is actually valid (that is, replicates) in the real world. The heritability of income-earning potential via IQ is just one such established yet totally erroneous truism:

Babushka say, “Do well in school. If you can’t, do well in life.”

But, SeloSlav, why this absolutely inane and side-winding segue into psychology and Complexity science?

Martin, I thought you were going to tell us about Babushka Power! When will you get to the part where hordes of irate, throat-punching Slavic women save The West from its own seemingly impending demise?

Look. This is not going to be a short article. And I want to convince you that what I have to propose, this goulash of variegated East European village idioms that amount to what I dub The Babushka Pill, is better than your potential ideological alternatives.

The Babushka Pill has the potential to be a Real World cultural superpower. The Red Pill simply cannot compete.

Babushka Despises Nerds

We have a saying, perhaps something more like a warning, in the Selo:

Selo gori, a baba se češlja

“The village is burning, and grandmother is combing her hair.”

The omen speaks to Babushka’s mastery of precognition. She always knows what’s coming. Better yet, she never feigns to know anything more than what others have known before her.

Babushka has seen and heard it all. When she was young she listened intently as her own mother and grandmother told tales of what had come before them, and what could not possibly come to pass ahead.

To Baba, life is less about mastering the future as it is about reducing uncertainty and exposure to kurtosis—ahem—halitosis (Selo secret: chew komorač to cure bad breath).

Image result for fennel
Komorač — Fennel

We aren’t waxing poetic when we say that Babushka always knows best. Whether maternal instinct is perfectly explainable in terms of biological law, Babushka Foresight is a kind of sixth sense you simply do not question.

And when or if you do, Baba will be sitting in the corner, combing her hair and minding her business as the village burns down all around her, just like she said it would.

In Croatia, and in other Slavic cultures, the Matriarch of the family holds a position of great prestige and power. We venerate our Baba as if she were Queen. As life-giver to the tribe and master of folklore, ladle, fauna and flora, she deserves every privilege the title affords.

Contemporary Complexity and network science have revealed much of how large and small-scale social systems tend to aggregate, disperse and coalesce over time-scales that mainstream scientists have historically ignored, but they still can’t tell us anything fundamentally useful about personal life that our grandparents, especially Babushka, cannot, or have not already told us.

Neil Johnson might be able to model the online movements of ISIS and the Alt-Right, but his models will never tell us how to take responsibility for our own lives, to speak truthfully and to engage with the world courageously in the face of catastrophe and chaos.

In fact, computational models such as Johnsons’ are more likely than not to support the implementation of a kind of Digital Panopticon that punishes agency in order to “optimize” for particular bureaucratically-selected social objectives. No more mass shootings if you are constantly surveilled and guns are illegal!

The UK Government, for instance, has a “Behavioral Insights Team” (BIT), or “Nudge Unit”, a team of government “experts” that employ behavioral economics to alter people’s lives without their knowing. Nerds.

They even export these “insights” to other countries interested in controlling their own populations through behavioral “optimizations”.

There is no limit to this kind of crookedness. Worse, there is no limit to how much further they will go on the basis of early experimental “successes”.

They must be stopped. Babushka NOT allow.

Where is the line?

Of course, you can never optimize a complex system from the top-down, and attempts to do so have historically always resulted in mass, needless suffering as a last ditch effort to exert control in the face of terminal resistance.

My grandparents are all too familiar with the repercussions of unfettered Balkanization, the explosive and inevitable result of an oppressive, over-centralized state bureaucracy that can no longer handle the growth of its own complexity.

Of course, my fellow seljaks’ experience pale in comparison to the man-made horrors of the Holodomor in Ukraine during the reign of Stalin and the USSR. Many such examples of failed Socialist states abound.

Unfortunately, the only way you can determine the outcome of a given social engineering policy is to watch your designs play out in the real world, and if the outcome is even potentially priced in human well-being, or worse, human lives, you have a clear ethical problem on your hands.

You would think that the Precautionary Principle would apply here. That is, when in doubt about the degree of behavioral independence of a complex system, just don’t interfere.

No. The problem is that the world is vastly non-ergodic. This strange property of complex systems leaves much room to the human imagination.

It means there is no Big Red Button you can press to reverse time and see how your life (or the trajectory of entire nation states) would have turned out if you tried things differently. Warbler? Warbler? Bueller?

In practice this means that social engineering successes on shorter time scales generally belie their long run efficacy (or catastrophic potential). What is “sensible gun reform” today is “justified disarmament” just a few decades later. Newspeak.

Without history as a guide, or perhaps in the wielding of pure ignorance by powerful forces, people are simply predisposed to make (or allow their masters to make) the same mistakes over and over again.

But life is not an engineering problem. It’s a life problem.

Joe Norman said it best:

I’ve covered the universal tension between “knowing” and “being” elsewhere on this blog, but the gist of it is that you’re always better off living your own best life compared to devising a Utopia on the backs of others, especially when nerds come up with the plan.

Communists couldn’t build the Utopia they wanted with the industrial machinery of the 20th century, and they similarly won’t be able to erect a peaceful and benign Singularity with the Artificial Intelligence of the 21st. It’s pure hubris. Babushka knows.

Because it ain’t the tools you got. It’s the people, stupid.

Babushka Maxim #2: Brada kaza jarca ne pako mudroznanca.
Translation: If the beard were all that mattered, the goat might preach.

Michel de Montaigne once said “The plague of man is boasting of his knowledge.”

All he (and Babushka) meant by this is that Simon DeDeo is a nerd.

The Patriarchy As Meat Shield

Yes, Babushka is wise. But how did she RULE?

I propose that what Westerners canonically refer to as Patriarchy is not what they think it is.

Patriarchy, explicitly defined, is “a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family.”

Radical feminists might define Patriarchy as “a society in which men dominate and oppress women.” As a result of this belief, they might go so far as to call for a violent “reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts.”

If Patriarchy were indeed driven by men I might concede to this point. But this is all clearly wrong. What we see in the West currently is not Patriarchy. I might even be convinced that the term “Toxic Masculinity”—the breakdown of positive masculine norms in society—is the correct term for whatever it is that radical feminists actually contend with.

But Patriarchy proper is not a system of hierarchical control; it is a self-regulating feedback mechanism. It is a decentralized application (DApp) whose purpose is to reduce relationship uncertainty between men and woman over time.

In reality, the final beneficiary of Patriarchy—Regulated Monogamy, and the sharing of power between men and women—is in all cases, Babushka.

Gledaj. Babushka is no Saint. She make mistakes! Many. But on average, society behaves best when elderly women, honorable ones, are in control.

Okay. We now know what Patriarchy is. But how is it distributed?

The Babachain (Babushka Protocol)

A Babachain is similar to a Blockchain.

A Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger, comprised of unchangeable, digitally recorded data in packages called Blocks. Each Block is then ‘chained’ to the next Block, using a cryptographic signature.

A Babachain, by comparison, is a type of distributed rumor mill, comprised of carefully guarded gossip and shameful secrets which are blasted down your inner ear drum when you least expect it.

Blockchains are designed in such a way that you can’t decrypt any one Block without decrypting every single Block that precedes it (the chain of Blocks, or Block “Chain”).

Babachains, as well, are virtually irreversible, which gives them the authority to regulate how far and fast your reputation can scale—for better or for worse. Not just anyone can contribute to the Babachain. You must in fact be a qualified Babushka!

Image result for babushka surveillance

Since most Blockchains are designed to be distributed among hundreds of millions of nodes, no single node will ever be able to realistically alter the history of the entire chain.

Unlike email chains, the quality of a message distributed along the Blockchain does not degrade with each transmission. When written to the Blockchain and confirmed by collaborators, it cannot conceivably be erased

To put this into perspective, conservative estimates for breaking a single Bitcoin address should require about 0.65 billion billion years of continual computation.

This is just a little shorter than it would take to convince my Baba to forgive me for not wearing papuče on cold, concrete floor.

Babachains are similarly though not perfectly robust to corruption. While it is possible that messages which travel down the Babachain may degrade over time by accident (aneurysms and strokes are the leading cause of corruption of data here), Babushkas are wily breed.

Babushka take great care because she has a reputation to maintain, and realizes that she is better off to diligently preserve the integrity of the gossip she receives in order to effectively leverage it as social ammunition in the future.

This is what makes Babachains—Blockchains—virtually immutable (time travel and quantum cryptography excepting), and why you can trust that whatever has happened on the Babachain in the past (which you can always access because it is public, whether you like it or not) really did in fact happen.

Compare this to traditional centralized databases, where the entire history of its transactions can be altered by a single line of code from the computer terminal of a single manipulative agent authorized with the appropriate permissions.

To eschew the Babachain is to centralize shame, which ironically enough has the effect of directing its powerfully negative affects toward people who do not deserve it.

Modernity’s obsession with click-bait tabloids, such as BuzzFeed or Gawker, for instance, in their role as surrogate Babushka to millions of impressionable young minds, are prime enablers for just such cascading misdirections of nonconstructive shame!

Without Babushka, the probability of societal decay is certain.

Allow me to propose that Societal Decay, S, is related by kb (the Babushka constant—I don’t know what it is precisely; I’ll have to spend some more time in the Selo and get back to you) multiplied by the natural logarithm of some value R, let’s say, the number of real rumor microstates corresponding to your reputation’s overall macrostate.

S = kb * ln R

Societal decay as a function of Babachain activation

If you are having trouble following along, all this means is that as society’s gossip mill scales up in size, the fidelity of the rumors it is able to process and serve declines.

Therefore, we can see that the healthiest societies are ones in which false rumors are prosecuted severely, and where true rumors are candidly distributed to your closest peers as soon as possible.

Knowing what you now know about the Babachain should naturally lead you to conclude that the best societies are small ones, where shame can be wielded with precision as a tool for social good (to encourage monogamy and discourage Hypergamy), and not as a political weapon used to foment global cascades of knowingly false accusations.

If a Civilization cannot avoid being large, then it must at least avoid largesse. It can do so by chunking itself up into millions of little patches, each guarded by its own cadre of feisty Babushkas.

Babushka Maxim #3: Bolje biti u sramotu nego u dugu.
Translation: Better that you are in shame than you are in debt.

Regulation by rumor mill.

In Selo, Babushka Find Wife For You

Jordan B. Peterson was famously pilloried for claiming that society ought to return to a standard of “enforced monogamy”.

Critics totally missed the point. Optics being optics, of course, Peterson had nobody to blame but himself for choosing the word that he did, especially where “normative monogamy” would have sufficed.

That being said, he failed to mention who exactly does the “enforcing” of monogamy in traditional societies. It has certainly never been men. Men want to breed with every sow in field, and collect many wives and children to harvest sorghum for Big Feast

That Peterson failed to explicitly make this connection speaks more to his own disconnect with traditional family life than to his firm public commitment to linguistic precision. Peterson dodge Babushka wooden spoon too much growing up.

In polygamous societies the most psychopathic men would team up with the most sociopathic women. They would congregate in harems.

The goal of these harems was to assemble an army of warrior-offspring to lead a legion of poor, young, sexless bachelors from the surrounding farmlands against their enemies. The prize was to become King, and for the women, Princesses and Queens. Some of surviving bachelors would be Knighted. It was a fun game. Who ruined it?

Ironically, it was a kind of Matriarchal pathology that benefited most throughout history from extreme levels of mating inequality. These women would select the strongest man in their tribe and elevate him to Godhood by excluding the weaker among them from the prospect of family.

Women can either empower or totally destroy any man they so choose, through acts of sheer collective will alone. So to venerate a disproportionately small group of men (for whatever reason) is to effectively bestow upon them unimaginable dominion over their former competitors.

Unable to raise sons of their own, the lineages of these despondent men eventually languish. Left unopposed, the growing harem leads their chosen Tyrant-Champions to war after war after war on their behalf.

In the last 8,000 years, 17 women reproduced for every one man. Were these women oppressed, or were they willing confederates?

Enter Babushka.

Babushka want only ONE man.

From the font of her veiled generosity, I propose, come all the hallmarks of modern cooperative Civilization

“Instead of take one Big Man and give him all attention, let us pool and share All Men equally after every mating season. Get them build things for us free, i onda ćemo malo zasjesti i watchati Turkish Soap Operas as our PayPal accounts accumulate residual income automatically over the aeons.”

“Da. Da!” exclaim the other Babushke in unison.

But how did the Babushka Mafia get its start? How ever did they wrestle control away from the supple bosoms of their long-haired nubile adversaries, the infamous Instagram Thots?

One powerful man (or state) can provide for hundreds of women at a time. So what need of a growing pool of weak, excremental (and sporadically violent, abusive and otherwise dangerous) men? Civilization belongs to the cuties, right?

Allow me to explain. The Rise of the Babushkas depended on the implicit politicizing of access to sex through the normative enforcement of social mores favoring monogamy. Systemic cultural institutions such as church and marriage would have prioritized the pooling and sharing of potential future legacies among men, as opposed to their hoarding within harems and dynasties.

Babushka kick-started Civilization in earnest, by incentivizing men to participate at their highest possible utilization rates. Ask her if she gives one fuck if you think politicizing sex is a bad idea.

Marriage, for instance, is a political act. Marriage as a cultural norm is a policy instrument, a form of predistribution.

Marriage encourages humility and staves off narcisism, not only among the despondent massess of otherwise parasitic young men, but among the elite as well.

Both men and women have a sexual dark side. Pro-social norms favoring marriage prevent their materialization.

Women, for instance, are forever eager to forgo honest monogamy in favor of the mere sliver of a chance of carrying a Sexy Son, whatever the short run risk to their livelihood or long run cost to their reputation.

And men will abscond from the responsibility of provisioning resources to their vulnerable and very pregnant codependents the moment they know they can get away with it.

But redistributing social power from frivolous, nubile young women is easier than you might imagine.

Through a balanced combination of down-regulating female attention hypergamy via imposition of merciless shame culture (via Babachain), and through the encouragement of attitudes in men favorable to long-term parental investment (again, via Babachain and regular pulling of ear lobes), Babushka forces the equilibrium.

The present gender war is a byproduct of lack of strong-willed women, not lack of family-oriented “Alpha” men.

Babushka encourage intentional marriage and discourage “waiting for perfect match”. Because she knows that married people gain from collaboration relative to non-married people over long ensemble time scales, and that their resulting social investments cause technologically advanced Civilizations to emerge spontaneously from the gutter by reducing fluctuations in the noisy multiplicative growth environments of competitive human social life. End of story.

It is therefore immoral to criticize the marriage system unless you live isolated from it (in a mud hut somewhere in a jungle).

Babushka Maxim #4: Tko čeka za sve, ne dobiva ništa. Ali onaj tko izabere čvrsto, dobiva sve.
Translation: He who waits for everything, gets nothing. But he who chooses one thing firmly, gets everything.

In the West, we expect our partners to fulfill us in every way. Emotionally, spiritually, financially, sexually.

Consider, however, that love is not a commodity to be consumed, but an intentional act. It is an act that fills your soul the more you choose it.

Women Work. They Always Have.

Tradcon LARPers and Red Pillers habitually get this wrong for they hark back to Post War boom period of 1950’s
boogie-woogie Malt Shoppe Bop, history’s grandest economic anomaly.

Such balanced growth will never again happen without the application of tremendous social and political force.

In the state of nature, capital accumulates, and accelerates in its accumulation until it is beaten to within an inch of its usurious alien nostrils by hordes of tank-driving Luddites. Such expulsion of political energy is rare thing, and typically only ever proceeds from great leveling of human life. This is not desirable on any timeline.

Image result for compensation productivity gap
Capital is finally being compensated fairly.

Whereas proponents of Red Pill will often claim their women must “go back to the kitchen,” Babushka requires no prompting or convincing. The Kitchen is her sovereign domain. In fact, she tells YOU to “get out of the kitchen.”

Though Babushka may never invite you into her kitchen, we should always strive invite her into the kitchen of our souls, into the goulash of our hearts, and into the latkes of our mind’s eyes.

Babushka Maxim #5: Tko kruh kupuje of Baba, tri kuće hrani
Translation: Who buys bread from Baba, feeds three houses.

A person buying bread feeds three houses at the same time: baker’s, seller’s, and his or her own.

Societies which are inclusive of women feed three Civilizational pillars at the same time: Nation, family, and self.

Image result for babushka eat meme

Have You Had Enough? Yes? Good. Eat Some More. Swallow The Babushka Pill. What Are You, A Pussy?

Let’s recap, shall we?

  • On Action & Prediction: Babushka despises nerds and prognosticators. She only understands the macro-economy (or macro-anything) as the emergent ensemble of thousands of small, local interactions which she encourages you to take part in while wearing your warmest winter jacket. The key is you take part in this thing called life, and not try to study it, or fix it from behind a computer screen. Important difference.
  • On Regulation & Behavior: Babushka is a Localist who is only concerned with her immediate Selo. The limit of her domain is the geographical limit beyond which the integrity of the gossip and rumors she spreads degrades to nought. Therefore, we see that growth of “society” ought to be curtailed around these limits. “Global news” outside of reporting the weather and commodities markets data should be eradicated, not by fiat, but by destruction of popular tabloids and their interns’ employment prospects.
  • On Civilization & Marriage: The marriage act is a political act. Sex is inherently political and any attempt to depoliticize it leads to moral decay; eventually, to social unrest. Men and women’s sexual behaviors should be regulated in such a way so as to maximize the predistribution of potential future legacies for men and women alike. Without such an implicit policy toward sexual selection, Civilization flounders and ultimately fails.
Image result for babushka meme

If I have convinced you of one thing, I hope it is this:

That if you have no Babushka, you should adopt one.

And if you can aim to become one, please do.

Otherwise, svi smo sjebani.

If you want to support my Babushka, consider purchasing some of her own hand-picked, first cold pressed, Croatian extra virgin olive oil, direct from my family farm in Croatia.

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