Croatian Selo Snacks: Smoked Sea Bass Bagel Bites

I’ve shared many quick snacks on Twitter over the past few months so I figured I’d start documenting them here on my blog. I’ll aim to post at least 1 snack weekly going forward. I’ll make sure to pick snacks that are both common in the selo, but that also pair well with Selo Oils, my family’s extra virgin olive oil from Croatia.

For this particular snack, we tend to use smoked sea bass (very common along the coast in Croatia). But I’m currently on the west coast of Canada and salmon is a lot more common. Use whatever you like! But smoked fish is certainly best. This is basically Lox, but Croatian.

  • Toast as many bagels are you like
  • After bagels are toasted, drizzle each bagel in Selo Oils.
  • Add smoked sea bass (or salmon if sea bass is not available)
  • Add thinly sliced organic white onion
  • Sprinkle with black pepper
  • Add 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil as a final topper

If you LOVE real extra virgin olive oil as much as I do, consider purchasing some of my own hand-picked, first cold pressed, extra virgin liquid gold, direct from my family farm in Croatia.

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