Just Opt Out, Man. Tinder Is For Giants.

From CMV: The male epidemics of loneliness and sexual frustration aren’t problems that warrant societal fixing, a post on /R/PurplePillDebate…

Men simply need to adapt and compete. Unfortunately, many men are sociologically and genetically doomed in any case. Going from a tribal society to a stabler patriarchy was probably much smoother than our direction now, which is the other way around.

My reply:


Mating opportunities today are driven by Hypergamy; they are strictly positional. There is no particularly compelling evolutionary reason, especially in the 21st century, to arbitrarily and unilaterally appeal to hyperbolic female sexual preferences. Encouraging men to compete with your 3000 other Tinder matches won’t propel Civilization forward.

A preference for detecting relative differences in social position may have been optimal in far less-scaleable societies, such as during the Pleistocene where tribes did not exceed 150-300 people and death was everywhere and imminent. Modernity has caused that preference to become needlessly hyperstimulated.

The assumption that fractal competition is “growth-oriented” is incorrect. We know now from contemporary Complexity science and economics that optimal growth is middle out (as opposed to trickle-down). I think I stand with most when saying that Athens and Sparta were, correcting for the times, indisputably better societies than Babylon.

Today, we live in Babylon. We need to destroy it and return to normalcy. Dismantling the Feminine-Primary Social Imperative, one which rewards only the top decile of men and fewer—a paradigm that has only recently emerged due to technology and experimentation with social norms— should be reverted in order save Western civilization from self-implosion.

Let’s say that a majority of people decide that Heroin is now a good thing. They begin to proselytize widely, extolling the virtues of regular Opioid injections. They tell you that you should just suck it up and get used an increase in the number of public displays of incessant neuoriticism, inappropriate itching, vomiting, slurred speech, and a general neglect of grooming. They and the rest are convinced that the onus falls on you to adjust to these new externalities. So, do you respect these people? Do you agree to play their game? What do you do?

Tinder makes a small handful of men appear to be 2 miles tall, whereas in reality they’re probably just a few inches taller than you. In a world where only height matters, does this kind of incentive encourage men to improve themselves in order to compete for better dating and mating opportunities, or is it simply a reason to drop out of the race altogether?


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