Croatian Selo Snack: Mandarinak (Mandarin Olive Oil Dip)

Mandarinak is a dipping sauce made from mustard and mandarin oranges. While not uncommon in Dalmatia at dinner parties, it is typically served in higher end restaurants. It pairs best with fresh bread and/or seafood.

This one is my mother’s recipe. It’s not a traditional Croatian recipe by any means, but it is composed of indigenous ingredients found in Croatia.

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Croatian Selo Snack: Garlic Dill Croatian Flatbread

Last week we played around a little and mixed a bit of everything from the Mediterranean, including bread, cheese and olive oil, into a fusion eggs benedict. This time we’ll go with something a little more authentically Croatian, a Croatian flatbread.

This week’s snack is a simple and extra-flavorful homemade garlic and herb seasoned Croatian flatbread recipe. In Croatia, we call it lepinja. This flatbread is a great appetizer, snack or hors d’oeuvre for a party, and it’s a relatively quick recipe that can be ready in just under 45 minutes

The reason I chose dill for this recipe (it’s called kopar in Croatian) is because of how commonly it is grown in gardens in the old country. I fondly remember picking dill in the summers with my Baba on mornings where she would make fresh flatbread.

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