Should I Move To The Selo?

I’m boring, I don’t drink anymore. But when I did and it was 10am, it was brandy. Preferably rakija. Only the best. — Tony Hrvatska 🇭🇷🇯🇪 (@tonybalogna) August 23, 2018 This is quite possibly the greatest philosophical question of all time, and something that I will probably have to decide coming up very shortly. No,… Continue reading Should I Move To The Selo?

Selo Ethics #3 — To Bool or to Go Hard

The Selomachean Ethics asks “How much work should a man do in life?” Should a man bool, or go hard in the paint? That, I truly believe, is the ultimate question. Selonomics, then, is the science of maximizing social status given desired work effort, or energy expenditure.

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Selo Ethics #1 — Introduction: The Paradox of Work

We all die, and we all want things before we die. Some of us want to avoid things (like pain), and some or all people (NEETs suffer disproportionately from agoraphobia). But we have to use others to get those things. And others have to use us. Often, trade is good. For some, effort is externality.… Continue reading Selo Ethics #1 — Introduction: The Paradox of Work