Groundshark Coffee Review: Brown Belt Blend

The simple, resealable packaging makes life easier — 100% Brazilian coffee from Groundshark Coffee Co. Espresso Roast.

I’m proud to say that I’ve found my new favorite coffee. Several months ago, I purchased my first few packages of Groundshark Coffee. The White Belt Blend was POWERFUL. Those handcrafted whole beans from Brazil made for a bold Medium Roast.

The Brown Belt Blend is a little different. It’s not as strong as the White Belt (now Blue Belt) but it tastes richer, I can drink it all day long (like yerba mate), and it puts me in a really good mood.

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Groundshark Coffee Review: What’s Makes A Winning Brazilian Medium Roast Coffee?

In the selo, there is an old saying:

Po jutru se dan poznaje.

This just means that the way you treat your morning will reflect heavily on the way the rest of your day will turn out. Now of course this seems like common folk wisdom, but for Croatians—especially Dalmatians—who love food and rest above all, few proverbs are more relevant to everyday selo living.

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