Aj Me Meni

“U pičku materinu. Ubio san njega, jel de?”

“Aj me meni, Mirko, sad si najebo.”

“Ma. Da. Spasio san sve. Vidćeš ti, moj Dragane.”

Mirko did not notice the crimson pooling at his feet. But neither an algal bloom on the shores of Pula, nor memories of Communist uprisings would ever compare to blood he now had on his hands. The man was dead.

Nothing could stop him from doing what he had to do. This was his fucking Selo.

From Narc to NEET: Looking from the corner office into the parking lot instead of paying attention to my annoying middle managers

It has been almost 10 months since I quit my job working as a software engineer at an internationally renowned pharma tech company. I was making good money and living in an exciting Central European city. I would eat out almost everyday. Turkish Martin from Arselan Kebab (he looks like me) give me free kebab from time to time. I would go out on dates many times per week. But this was mainly because of my premium Badoo subscription. Like pervert I sniffed their private API and issued to myself free tokens.

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